Our last concert: opening of the festival “Nevers à Vif” in October 2013

Dernier concert au fameux Café Charbon à Nevers


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Our English Songs

Fougis Bergère are playing mainly in France, so most of the songtextes are published in french language. But nevertheless there are some very nice songs in english also, for instance the following title:


“Another sound of Your voice”

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Next concert in Clermont Ferrand (French Auvergne!)

Next concert in Clermont Ferrand, 19th October 2012

in the “Caveau des anges”


Other concerts this year will take place in France soon:

– Kraspek Myzik in the city of Lyon

– Maison de L’oradou in Clermont-Ferrand

– Artistic residence in Champoli

– Concert in the Castle of Fougis

– Sémaphore in Cebazat, february 2013

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Festival Sémaphore: A brief encounter with the high society of French indie pop

Great artist Kent was already famous in the 1980s as a true French punk rocker with the band Starshooter. These days, he is in the limelight once again with profound chansons and highly artistic comic books. At one time, he enjoyed the support of one of the recognized masters of the French chanson: Jacques Higelin, who also performed at the Festival Sémaphore. Today, Kent himself is fostering up-and-coming artists, and chose Fougis Bergère to take part in his exclusive writing seminar as part of the “Sémaphore Festival” in Clermont Ferrand, a city recently chosen as “France’s rockingest city.” The grounds for this, however, remained largely mystifying to most people, and we are still waiting for enlightenment on this score…
As it turned out, Fougis Bergère were not able to perform on the big stage this time around, but Radio Campus presented us live to the denizens of Clermont Ferrand. We blasted them over the airwaves with our rendition of “Vivre en France,” and now they can prove beyond doubt that they were not named “France’s rockingest city” for nothing. Even better, Fougis Bergère were signed on the spot for the next “Livre et Chanson” festival in Vichy.

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Our Band Jewelry: exclusive and pretty damn headstrong!

Schwarze Schafe - matt gebürstet


…In the Sheep-but-not-Cheap Shop you’ll find not only the Fougis Bergère CD but also our rocking, black-sheep band jewelry. These gorgeous baubles have been handmade by jewelry designer Finja Schmidt. If you have a heart for black sheep or if you admit to being one yourself, come and poke around: keychains, rings, ear jewelry, pins… in real silver or swank black plexiglass! Handcrafted in the goldsmith’s studio at a price that rocks, as exclusive as they are creative and pretty damn headstrong…!


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