21/06/2011 Moulins, Jaquemart – Fète de la musique 20h30 – 22h00

18/06/2011 Neuvy: Fète de la musique 19h30 – 21h30

02/04/2011 Festival à Randan: Salon de chanson et livre

05/03/2011 Chateau des Fougis – “Chamber Rock” … with “Raph et Marcel” as supporting act



Concert on 5 March, 2011! An evening of chamber rock with new songs from Fougis Bergère. Many came, a diverse audience and the atmosphere correspondingly good. A big thank you goes to the volunteers who worked in the kitchen, behind the bar and at the mixing desk! Without the volunteers, none of it would have been possible.



6-7 November, 2010, Festival Sémaphore: the band wins the writing competition. The laureates were selected by famed former Starshooter singer Kent, who also introduced them on the “Campus Radio” station, where they performed live for Clermont Ferrand!


20/07/10 Picnic Européen, an international picknick with concert, organised by the town of Neuilly-le-Real

21/06/10 Fete de la musique, the biggest annual music party on 21st of june in all french cities, the band Fougis Bergère plays in front of the Jaquemart in Moulins


c'était très tard!

14/05/10 Double concerto in the ballroom of the “Chateau des Fougis”, together with the band “Shiels – Sons of the desert”

18/02/10 Concert in THE RockCafé in the region of french Nièvre: Café Charbon in Nevers

30/01/10 Trainingday in the Café Charbon for local Bands
23/01/10 Double concerto in the ballroom of “Chateau des Fougis”, an evening together with the band “Prihananas”

13/11/09 Double concerto in the ballroom of “Chateau des Fougis”, together with the great band from Clermont Ferrand: C2apitaine Sly de Bruix”

30/10/09 Pub “No Comment” in the town of Varennes sur Allier

20/05/09 Ballroom at Thionne



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