Our artistic reincarnation took place at the start of 2009 on the grounds of the old “Les Fougis” castle in the Bourbonnais region of central France. We therefore christened our musical creation “Fougis Bergère.” Our compositions are woven around the lightly ironic and heavily surrealistic texts of writer and musician “Engel.” She handles bass and, these days, sings mainly in French and occasionally in English, of course without ever disowning her original German roots in the process.

Sid responds to her on his wicked guitar and sometimes with his raw, deep voice. Committed heart and soul to rock, he has been known to occasionally infuse a composition with oriental elements.

Enzo, the band’s jazz-rock drummer, underpins the arrangements and compositions with his free spirit, always staying true to his natural Zen. Armed only with a rope, he also climbs the highest trees in the old park of “Les Fougis.”

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